Ashford Asian Hornet Confirmed

Asian Hornet
Asian Hornet © Gilles San Martin via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

A sighting of the Asian Hornet in Ashford was confirmed on 9th September 2019, and beekeepers, and members of the public, are urged to keep a look-out, especially round late sources of nectar such as ivy.

The Asian Hornet has distinctive yellow-ended legs, and a black abdomen with a single yellow-orange band.
The European Hornet, which is not a threat, has a mostly yellow abdomen, and red-brown legs.

For further information about the Asian Hornet and how it differs from similar insects, please see the Asian Hornet factsheet.

For details on where and how to reports sightings, please see the UK government’s Asian Hornet Page.

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