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Please note that the Kent Beekeepers Association is an association primarily of small-scale beekeepers who keep honeybees as a hobby. Some of are willing to collect swarms of honeybees, but will do so through a scheme run by the BBKA (the British Beekeepers’ Association, of which we are a member association) via their advice page, and cannot be contacted via this form.

We are not a pest-control organisation, nor do we work for any council, so if you have an inquiry about bees, whether honey bees, bumble-bees, solitary bees, wasps, hornets etc. please see the BBKA’s advice page first. That gives information on how to recognise what sort of bees (or other insects) your inquiry is about and appropriate sources of advice.

We are, however, an educational charity, so welcome inquiries about our organisation and what it does.

For specific inquiries about specific meetings, shows, courses, exhibitions, talks etc. it is probably best to contact your local branch. Please see the map on our Branches page to find which branch is nearest to you.

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