Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy sets out what personal information the Kent Bee-Keepers’ Association (KBKA) holds, and the rights people have to ask for copies of that information, or for it to be changed or deleted.


What data the KBKA holds:

The KBKA holds data about individuals in the form of membership lists.

Membership lists contain contact and other details (e.g. names, postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, the branch they belong to, the class of membership they’ve requested and any services or subscriptions they’ve additionally required) provided by members on membership application or renewal forms.

From time to time we may also hold data about members and non-members, who have expressed an interest in events, examinations and courses, retaining records of any payments they have made.

The KBKA website also holds personal information (names and email addresses) provided by members who register for access to content restricted to members.


How KBKA processes data

The KBKA processes data for the following reasons:

  1. To inform members about the activities of the KBKA and its branches.
  2. To administer subscriptions to the British Beekeepers’ Association, Bee Diseases Insurance and BeeCraft.
  3. To confirm eligibility for membership benefits, including access to certain parts of the website.
  4. To process Gift Aid applications, and reports them as may be required by the Charity Commissioners and/or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
  5. To process transactions, such as membership payments or event bookings.
  6. To administer events, courses and examinations run by the KBKA or its branches.
  7. To enable contact between members, where they have given consent for us to share contact information with other members.


How long we keep your data

The KBKA retains membership data for as long as an individual is a member.  Information about lapsed members is retained for up to one year.

The KBKA retains details of individual transactions (payments and Gift Aid applications) for up to seven years, to comply with legal accounting and reporting requirements.

The KBKA retains details of members and non-members who attend or assist in the delivery of events, courses and examinations. These are reviewed annually, and will be removed after two years if membership is not taken up or renewed.


Lawful basis for processing data

The KBKA has a legitimate interest in processing data to communicate with members about its activities and to provide the services members have requested.

The KBKA has a legal duty to retain records for accounting purposes, and for complying with the reporting requirements of HMRC and the Charity Commission.

The KBKA shares contact data of members with other members and/or with the National Bee Unit on the basis of informed consent.


Sharing data

The KBKA shares personal information with the British Beekeepers’ Association, Bee Disease Insurance, and BeeCraft when members have indicated on membership forms they wish to join or subscribe to the services and publications of those organisations.

The KBKA may also share information with payment processors where members choose to make payments electronically.

The KBKA may also share information with suppliers that help deliver membership services, such as an email service provider that delivers our monthly newsletter. In those cases, the KBKA retains control over your information and ensures it is protected by equivalent regulations, which apply across the EU and through ‘safe harbour’ schemes elsewhere.

The KBKA may, where members have given consent, share information with the National Bee Unit and/or between other members.

The KBKA may also share information when required to do so by law.


Your rights

You have the right to request a copy of the data KBKA holds about you, and to have that data deleted or changed. The KBKA must reply to any request within 30 days of your request, though we may need to ask for proof of identity before any change can be made.  There is no charge for this.  Requests may be made to the relevant branch secretaries, by email to or by post to the KBKA Secretary, 26 Coldharbour Lane, Hildenborough, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 9JT

Data shared with other organisations is protected by the same regulations, as are your rights to have it changed or deleted on request to them.

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